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Treatment of Sarcoma Muscle Cancer

Treatment of Sarcoma Muscle Cancer

The therapeutic options include surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
The surgery is a common treatment for adult Sarcoma Muscle Cancer. Traditional surgery was the amputation or at the level of women, including a wide margin of normal tissue in appearance. When the muscles are involved, usually surgeons from the entire muscle group. If the tumor near the hip or the shoulder, which is removed.

Recently, many surgeons are cases of conservative surgery, including the recommendations, techniques of saving. For the aftercare of soft tissue sarcomas is the removal of the tumor with a good margin of normal tissue, which can be displayed.

Treatment of Sarcoma Muscle Cancer

Radiation therapy for Sarcoma Muscle Cancer is used for local recurrence, particularly after the surgery saves that the amputation of the member. As for other malignant tumors that are not post-operative radiotherapy prolongs survival. Radiation therapy for Sarcoma Muscle Cancer may also be made before the surgery, a large tumor.

The chemotherapy was very effective in bone sarcomas and rhabdomyosarcomas, muscle tumors. The chemotherapy was much less effective in other soft tissue sarcomas. Adriamycin is widely applicable to staff of these tumors.

The chemotherapy or surgery and adjuvant chemotherapy is not very effective. Preoperative or néoadjuvante, chemotherapy can be used to the large tumors before surgery.

The choice of Sarcoma Muscle Cancer treatment depends on the stage of cancer, and the age and overall health of the individual. The prognosis is also influenced by the localization of the tumor. A tumor near the surface of the body has a better prognosis than deep in a Member State or another part of the body.

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